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Caleb Byersdorfer

Caleb grew up on an acreage in rural Iowa and has always had an affinity towards animals and nature. During college, while working at a dog daycare, he realized his unique and positive influence with dogs. He found himself drawn towards balancing dogs with behavioral issues. In 2008, he and his wife, Rosanna, started The Mobile Pack to provide the community with a natural way to balance dogs.

Rosanna Byersdorfer

Rosanna graduated from the University of Iowa in Biochemistry, with an Entrepreneurial Certificate. She worked at a medical software company VIDA Diagnostics for 9 years as Director of Business Operations & Quality Management. Rosanna now works full-time for The Mobile Pack. 


Caleb and Rosanna have four young children, Ilse, Anna Lena, Edgar and Fredrick, and two dogs, Nico (Pit Bull) and Babs (Boxer). In addition to Caleb & Rosanna, The Mobile Pack employs four full-time Pack Leaders.



In 2014, we expanded to The Center of Balance on 40 acre just outside of Iowa City. Our primary reason for moving to the country in 2014 was to have more space in nature with dogs and to provide overnight care for our clients. We selected this 40 acres with dogs in the forefront of our mind. The land is diverse with rolling hills, pasture, and timber. We have converted cropland to conservation and built extensive walking paths throughout the property. 

After 10 years of professional experience, we designed a space perfect for dogs. In Fall 2017, we completed construction of our 3750 sf facility. We have expanded our capacity for boarding and created a large open play space for days with inclement weather. We continue to develop our extensive walking paths and have added terraced landscaping to our dog park for an even better outdoor experience at The Center of Balance.

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