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Our German Shepherd thrives on these walks. She is calmer after your half-day program than she ever was after a full day at doggy daycare. It's amazing what the right structure can do for their psyche.


I've been genuinely surprised by that, and my husband has noticed it, too. We are so grateful for you all--on a daily basis! We have used three separate services in the Iowa City area. Out of those three, you *clearly* understand dogs and their minds the best. No contest. 


German Shepherd

I want to say again how much we have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity for Shadow and Sunny to be a part of The Mobile Pack. It has made such a positive difference in their lives--and mine. They have both grown up and settled down so much. Happy, socialized, well-exercised dogs make for great companions.


Two Standard Poodles

Our dog Macey has been going on daily pack walks with The Mobile Pack since the fall of 2011 and we are so very happy with the services that Caleb Byersdorfer and The Mobile Pack provide.


Macey has gone from being a shy puppy to a happy, confident and well behaved dog  because of the consistent socializing and exercise that she receives on her daily pack walks.  Caleb has been instrumental in helping us to train Macey.  His in-home consultation sessions have helped us immensely.  Caleb is always available to provide support, encouragement and suggestions for our ongoing training of Macey.


Caleb also takes care of Macey when we are out of town and this service is invaluable to us.  We don’t have to worry about Macey because we know that she is in a safe environment and continuing to develop good habits.  Macey spends her days with Caleb and her pack playing, walking and even playing with his daughters.


We cannot say enough about the positive experience we have had with Caleb and The Mobile Pack.  He has made a significant difference in our dog’s training, growth and overall demeanor.  His services have provided us with a peace of mind that we are doing what is best for our dog to be a loving member of our family. 


Two Cockapoos

When we met Caleb, Huck was a rather wild and uncertain yellow Labrador about 2 ½ years old. He had some issues which were very difficult for me to deal with on my own. He went to Lucky Pawz dog day care and play group until he was expelled because he was aggressive toward new dogs introduced to the group. Fortunately I met Caleb shortly thereafter and Huck joined the Mobile Pack. The effect of this new environment was immediate and amazing: Huck had been aggressive out of fear, but with Caleb’s leadership he was able to join the pack and to love it. It was and continues to be the best thing that happened to him, and to me.


Caleb is wonderful with dogs.  In addition to the great benefit to a dog of being able to be a member of a pack, which is a canine’s natural way of life, Caleb has been generous in the time he has spent working with Huck and me on issues that Huck has had when walking with me on a leash in our neighborhood. We have both improved greatly. Huck and I now enjoy walking together, and he no longer seeks to be the boss: he agrees that I am. I would never have learned how to be the pack leader (a small pack: Huck and me) without Caleb’s instruction and guidance.

In my opinion, this is the perfect environment for my dog and all others.  Caleb and his pack have changed my dog and changed me. I am not a young woman, and without Caleb’s help I am not sure I could have handled Huck and been able to live a happy life with this young and energetic dog. Now I have confidence that we can live a long and happy life together.



I met Caleb when he was working at a local doggy daycare.  My 2 newish rescues were there on thin ice after failing the initial “interview” and it was all over when one of them got into a fight.  Obedience classes had helped with in-the-house focus and obedience but outside nothing seemed to help.  I’m embarrassed to admit I had all but given up on walking them; they pulled so hard on their leashes. 


Knowing that Petey and Mischa needed socialization and hoping something would help the walk situation I decided to give Caleb a try.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did.


From the pack walks to consultations on how to ride in the car and greet guests at the door calmly to boarding and a thousand questions in between Caleb has been an invaluable resource.  His knowledge, patience and skill continue to impress me.   Petey and Mischa are happier, healthier and a lot more fun to be around since Caleb started working with them.   Now I even get compliments on how well behaved they are on our walks!


Two Pit Bull Mixes

The Mobile Pack is absolutely the BEST thing I have ever done for my dogs. Dash and Stella love going with Brandi everyday. Brandi is very kind and I know she treats our dogs with care and respect. The Mobile Pack is also very good about responding to the needs of Dash and Stella. I feel comfortable having my dogs with the wonderful handlers! I have peace of mind that my dogs are having fun while I am at work, and worn out for the rest of the day when I am not able to be there!


Two Golden Retreivers

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